For many, the dream of becoming one of the 1% of the population that holds the vast majority of the world’s wealth starts by becoming what is known as a “Trader”.

Exactly what is a trader and what do they do that would provide them with the chance of becoming wealthy beyond all imaginations?

Different Types of Traders

Firstly, there are many different types of traders and depending on what type you are will determine the things you trade i


Commodities traders obviously trade in commodities like oil and gold and other physical items while a currency trader trades in the value of the world’s currencies in a variety of different ways.

To become a trader in today’s age is much easier than in past generations because of the internet and the ability to access markets that would in years past been closed to the average person.

Previous Limitations

In years past the ability to get inside the system and actually perform trading was limited to those on major financial institutions or to those connected or wealthy enough to get a spot on a stock exchange which was and is in limited supply.


Now you can easily set up an account with a brokerage firm and begin doing your own research and start trading yourself.

The process of setting up an account is exceptionally simple and can literally be done in a matter of a few hours.

Once you have opened an account the rest is up to you.

Getting Prepared

Doing your homework and deciding exactly what you want to trade in whether foreign currencies or commodities or even stocks and bonds is of primary importance as the amount of knowledge you have can often mean the difference between making money and losing a whole lot of it.