There are about 120,000 Mauritians that are employed in the textile industry. The textiles of this country are also an important trade commodity. Making this interest an important one for employment purposes and for the growth of the economy.

The Wages

Recently there was good news for those working in the textiles factories as they were told there would be an incre

ase in the minimum wage. This new package consists of about 9,000 Mauritian rupees a month. This is about $257US a month. In the past, the average textile employee was only able to make a salary of $114. Per month.

Working Conditions

Working in this industry is tough and most of the workers are women. Most of the jobs require the women to stand on their feet all day. Although the wage increase is a substantial one many of the trade unions had to fight very hard and long for this and still don’t feel as though it is an appropriate living wage. Still, the extra money will be well received by those who work for it.

Growth of the Industry

The textile industry on this island has evolved from being a minimal producer to a major one when it comes to trade. They are pleased to be able to serve South Africa, Europe and the USA with designer-led clothing. There are many different manufacturers of textiles in Mauritius which allows them to be diversified. They are able to meet client needs with respect to volume and price points.

With the workers receiving a minimum wage increase it creates more of an incentive for the workers, which provides greater benefits to the manufacturers who hire them. The island needs to preserve its garment industry if it wants to continue with strong trade practices. The island is well recognized for this particular trade.