Import and Export is important to every country, and when it comes to an island like Mauritius, a large item commodity exchange is important for the economy.

Mauritius Commodity Trade

Mauritius is holds the 128th spot in the world when it comes to export. The 2016 figures indicate that this island exported goods worth $2.51 billion throughout that year, which is pretty impressive for such a small island. However, the net value of their imports was even higher, creating a negative trade balance.

Good for Employment

The commodity trades are critically important to the creation of viable employment for the residents of the island. The different industries that fare well in trade are:

  • Processed fish
  • Raw Sugar
  • Men’s shirts (non-knit)
  • Knit T-shirts
  • Diamonds

Each of these industries has the ability to provide good employment, and, with good trading practices, to allow for the growth of these businesses, which in turn will strengthen the economy.

Job Opportunities

Previously sugar cane was the largest export. Althoough that is no longer the case, there is still a substantial need for workers in this industry. Statistics show that from the total workforce that is currently present on the island, about 9% of it is involved in the agriculture and fishing industries.

Major Growth Industries

The government focuses on four industries for trade and employment, which are sugar, agriculture, textiles and of course tourism. But the government is also highly focused on green industry growth. It is keeping an eye on the number of jobs within this category compared to conventional jobs.

It will continue to be a challenge for Mauritius to increase their commodity trading, while at the same time focusing on their green commitment, which encompasses the environment and energy. But this island has stood out in the world for its impressive accomplishments since becoming independent. The future for Mauritius looks bright.