For those that want to trade their money into Mauritian currency, they can easily do so through several different resources on the island. There are opportunities here to access the foreign exchange for their personal account. Or, they can do so for treasury management. There are specific banks in the country that will allow for this.

Currency Exchange Rate

This is basically the purchase price between one currency and another. When you are involved in currency exchange, you are buying one currency and selling another. For example, $100CAD, at the current market value (September 2018), may be 2630.77 Mauritian rupees. Or, for the current best exchange rate on a British pound, it may be 46.551, with the worst rate being 42.402. As one can see, it is best to shop around for the highest exchange rates. When you are looking at these two different currencies, you are looking at a currency pair. Several factors can affect the exchange rate.

It is a wise idea to do some research concerning the Forex rates, which can be done at a quality bank, as there are several in Mauritius.

The Benefits of Currency Trading

If you are going to be travelling to Mauritius in the future, or perhaps moving there, then you may want to start investing in the island’s currency now. You may have the opportunity to fix the exchange rate if it happens to be at a reasonable price at the time of your investment.

The Risks

As with any investment, there are certain risks. When it comes to currency trading, it is considered high risk, because of the many variables that can affect it. These risks can include poor exchange rates or interest rates.

The fact that Mauritius has a strong economy, and robust Forex trading, makes it an excellent country to consider trading with.