This is a website that is dedicated to trading, but its approach is a little different. To be su

ccessful at trading one needs to have a full understanding of what it entails and the resources that are available like trading platforms. To spur the interest of those who want to know more about trading there are specific sections on this site that deal with different aspects of this industry.

What is Commodity and Currency Trading Section

This section is going to offer a greater understanding as to what a commodity trader is and the same for a currency trader and then some expanded information about the differences between these two types of trading.


We tend to forget that there are many different currencies in the world and develop tunnel vision with the one that we use. This section will broaden your thinking by reviewing some of the common currencies in the world today. This is information you will want to know about if you are interested in currency trading.

Becoming a Trader

Once your interest in trading is peaked you may entertain the thought of becoming a trader. If so the starter information here is going to help with this. It touches upon some of the different types of trading careers there are.

Recent News

This is a collection of different types of information that is somehow related to trading and uses the island of Mauritius as its focus because of the great success the island has had since its independence.